The Discipleship Process at Mosaic

Jesus was intentional about making Disciples...who make Disciples.  It was His ultimate church growth plan...and that plan still continues today.
Consisting of 4 parts that make up a circular process, here is what making Disciples looks like at Mosaic.


Weekly worship services designed to encourage, equip and empower you to take the Gospel to your crowd.

D - GROUPS (Discipleship Groups)

Gender-specific groups of 3-5 people who commit to meeting weekly for about a year.  Focused on prayer, Scripture memorization and accountability, these groups are intentionally designed to multiply.


Small, open groups made up of 10-20 people who are committed to growing in God's Word, doing life with each other, caring for each other and being on-mission together.  These groups meet weekly and are designed to run for a specific amount of time before multiplying.


These are the people we come into contact with on a regular basis outside of church gatherings.  The goal is to live, serve and share the Gospel with the hope that they will move from the Crowd to the Congregation!

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