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mKids Children's Program at Mosaic

At Mosaic, we believe kids are never too young to begin experiencing and learning the love of Jesus. God desires the hearts of children.  We believe that, while young in understanding, they have the capacity to learn and believe truths about the God who created them and the Savior who died for them.

While the training and discipling of children is a responsibility that God has given parents (Deuteronomy 6:5-9), we believe that the church surely has a role alongside of the parents.  It is for this reason that Mosaic’s mKids ministry exists—not just to entertain your child while you’re in service—but to teach each child on a level that he/she is most able to understand.
Both services at Mosaic offer an identical children’s program, staffed with teachers who have been background checked.  Our mKids ministry is broken up into six different age groups, each with a distinct purpose and goals that coincide with Mosaic’s vision statement: Know God, Love Others, Serve the World.  

The current classes offered are:

Nursery (Birth-Crawlers): It’s never too early for a child to experience the love of Jesus.  Our nursery offers a caring and secure environment where infants can play, listen to books, and hopefully feel God’s love through the nursery staff.
Toddlers (Walkers-Age 2):  Our toddler class begins to explore some cornerstone Bible stores through sensory learning.  These children spend each month hearing and learning a specific story, and they have the opportunity to engage the text through activities.  Our goal for this class is that they understand the most basic truth that Jesus loves them.
Preschool (Ages 3-5): Kids are curious about everything, and we want to intentionally tap into a child’s sense of wonder about God.  The curriculum in this class has a central Bible lesson each week, but is complimented with songs, crafts, and activities that help reinforce the overarching idea.  These students also have the opportunity to participate in our mKids “Serve the World” events each trimester, which are in-house missions projects where kids get a chance to have a hand in reaching a world in need.

*Our school age children all participate in the music portion of worship with their parents, and are dismissed from the service before the message begins.

Kindergarten-1st Grade:  Realizing that five and six-year-old kiddos are still very active, this class incorporates several games/activities in order to effectively teach the lesson.  The goals for these kiddos include growing in understanding of the Bible stories and memorizing the books of the New Testament.  We also begin focusing on prayer, as well as participation in the “Serve the World” missions events described above.
2nd-3rd Grades:  Students in this class are encouraged to discover how the Bible applies to their lives.  Through interactive lessons, they begin to learn the functionality of the Bible, in order to utilize it to delve deeper into the truths of the Scriptures.  This class continues a focus on prayer, the opportunity to participate in “Serve the World” events, and will finish memorizing all of the books of the Bible.
4th-5th Grades:  Our oldest mKids class has a primary focus of helping students understand how to use the Bible to find answers to the questions that life presents.  This class also has many opportunities to serve one another and those outside of their class.

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